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All the car companies you list are foreign owned, France, Germany, Japan, India, South Korea, USA.

But they do employ British workers.
Here is a copy of an email I sent to ALDI, I have not received a reply as of now.

Food Labelling / Country of origin

Good Morning,

I notice increasingly that your products , mostly, no longer show the country of origin,
Why is that ? , I like to know where my food comes from so I am free to make the personal decision to actively support or boycott a country or trading bloc such as the EU, for instance, I have a bag of croissants from ALDI which have no country of origin, If I knew that these croissants were made in France, I would not have purchased them, yet your grapes do show country of origin and I only purchase the grapes from South Africa/Egypt/Morocco etc when you have them, if you only have Spanish grapes, I simply go without, so , this is a choice I wish to make but require the information in the First place to make that choice, a lot of my friends and neighbours say the same thing.

I will be very interested to hear your response.

Thank You,
Mark Skinner

Dear Mark,

Many thanks for taking the time to send us your Aldi contact email.

We agree that all products should be labelled so that we the shoppers can make an informed choice when we make a purchase.

I think that the system for bread products is that they are made in France and supplied frozen, so that the supermarkets can simply put in their ovens and claim freshly baked?   But they could just as easily give a contract to a british firm.  Maybe another email asking if the croissants are supplied frozen from France might get a response :)

Best regards and keep following our website.

I only discovered this site after a link was posted in the comments of a Daily Express article so I suspect some advertising might help. How about taking a leaf out of Donald Trump's approach? MBGA - Make Britain Great Again. Sell mugs, caps, and T-shirts with the slogan in red white and blue.

Thank you for your comment Robert. WE have had previous suggestions along these lines, particularly with T shirts.
It is something we have in the pipeline, so hopefully in the next few months we will have a webshop.
keep up the good work it's nice to know what is written in EU newspapers.

Thank you James, we felt it was important to try our best to report what the EU take on matters are, and particularly the comments from their readers.
Best wishes
Dear Sir or Madam,
Great site, and if I may I would like to suggest if you could have these tee shirts for sale with the slogan on both front and back 'love your country' and underneath it 'Only buy British' or something else like it.
Over the last 13 plus years, as a family, we have stopped buying any produce from the EU, but the other main problem, is that most of these electrical goods are now made in China, which needs to be stopped.
Regards to all.

Many thanks for the support. Yes, the issue with china is a big one. Over the years I fear we have got used to buying cheap goodies from the likes of £ shops!! But hopefully as their wages increase this might balance our own products or perhaps sovereign nations , such as South Korea might step up?

Hopefully we can in the next phase of UK freedom, get back some of our industries.
Could I please make a suggestion, and ask you to let your visitors know which of the major goods sold in the UK ARE largely made in the UK particularly vehicles

Many Thanks - James

Our car page does list UK companies manufacturing in the UK.
I think it might make some sense for us to check vehicles that are shipped in, such as the large car storage at Bristol docks. Are these UK made waiting to go out or cars that have come in from EU?
I shall continue to buy what I like, from where I like and will not be dictated to by xenophobes.
Know that a large part of the UK population applauds and supports your efforts.

With news emerging that the EU has consistently failed to negotiate in good faith, working with opposition MPs to delay Brexit, and now attempting to annex Northern Ireland and continue the theft of UK fisheries, taking the offer of a Canada ++ deal off the table once the WA was signed, and with continued breaches of international law by the EU and the EU's own Articles 8 and 50, the EU is clearly untrustworthy and represents a very real threat to the United Kingdom.

It makes perfect sense to boycott EU goods and services and to holiday either in the UK (which is a beautiful, varied, and fascinating country) or in other non-EU holiday destinations. I wish you luck in your endeavours.