New British made Sports Car will be FUN................ and it will be Affordable!

 It's called the Wells Vertige and looks like it's worth every penny.

"I had a pretty wide choice, but nothing appealed so, in the end, I decided to make my own car." Those are the words of Robin Wells, an entrepreneur who began the journey to his own car back in 2014. Like so many creators of iconic sports cars that have been borne of the same sentiment, Wells was spoilt for choice but found nothing that really hit the spot. For some, things like the Ferrari 296 GTB may be spectacular, but too expensive and the new BMW 2 Series would be ideal but doesn't come with a manual. The Mazda MX-5 Miata does, but perhaps you want something mid-engined.


You can understand why Wells eventually decided to blaze his own trail, but what is his recipe for the ideal sports car?   Called the Wells Vertige, it has a composite body mounted on a steel monocoque chassis. Between the two, a tubular steel roll cage sits with tubular frames at each end for mounting aluminum double-wishbone suspension. That suspension is connected to Speedline alloy wheels wrapped in 17-inch Michelin Pilot Sport 4 rubber. Dihedral doors add some drama to the two-seater, which happens to offer a decent trunk and even a full-sized spare wheel.


You see, while 'Wells' clearly wants his sports car to handle beautifully, he also wants it to be affordable and easy to live with, and that's something that every car enthusiast can resonate with.


In total, this car is the same length as a Ford Fiesta, but the Ford connection runs deeper with a Ford 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine developing a modest but usable 208 horsepower. As you'd hope, a six-speed manual handles the gear changes, and with a weight of just 1,873 pounds, it'll be loads of fun. 0-60 mph is promised in under five seconds and top speed is claimed to be over 140 mph.


The first batch of just seven cars have all been sold to "friends and family" and should be delivered in spring 2022 at a cost of £40,000 (roughly $55,000 at current exchange rates). It's been benchmarked against the likes of Caterham, Porsche, Mini, and the Miata, so it's guaranteed to produce huge smiles. It made it's public debut at last weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed, and we expect to hear more from 'Wells' on more models...hopefully very soon.

Source: Carbuzz

Car industry news.

UK car production plummets to lowest level since 1956 amid chip shortage, worker absences!

26.08.21 -

LONDON — U.K. car production plummeted to a new low last month, marking the worst July performance for the industry since 1956, according to a trade group.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said Thursday that U.K. manufacturers built just 53,438 vehicles in July, marking a 37.6% drop on July 2020.


A global semiconductor shortage, factory shutdowns and worker absences amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic all contributed to the decline.  While July was a bad month, car production across U.K. factories is up 18.3% year-to-date compared to 2020, when Covid restrictions meant people couldn’t go to work.

Some 552,361 cars have been built in the U.K. since January, but that’s still 28.7% down on 2019  levels.

Why is the car industry suffering?

New vehicles have dozens of microchips in them to control everything from power steering and car stereos to acceleration and electric windows.

The U.K. is making more electric cars, which have significantly more chips in them, than ever before.

Approximately 26% of the cars built by U.K. manufacturers in July were either battery electric, plug in hybrid, or hybrid electric, SMMT said, adding that this is a new record. It said U.K. car factories have turned out 126,757 of these products since the start of the year.

2nd July -  ELON MUSK is said to be eyeing up a site in Somerset to play a key role in Tesla's future, as the UK is poised to be the "future of car and battery manufacturing"

According to Somerset Live, Gravity the smart campus in Somerset hopes to begin announcing the nameds of companies moving to the smart campus in the next few months.

It has previously stated it aims to attract "world-leaders in advanced manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence and electric vehicles".  A great opportunity for the west country.

The new Gravity Smart Campus - Businesses setting there up will by announced soon.

1st July 2021 The big story at the moment is Nissan's announcement to build in the UK, a new electric car model, along with battery manufacture.  This is great for making UK more independent as a producer for the home market and giving UK buyers annother option to the imports from the EU.  So, when considering your next car, test drive ones made in a UK factory!

Check out the 12 top British made cars, through the ages on youtube. have a look

Buying a british car.

It is not always easy to pop out and buy a British car, as many tend to be specialist manufacturers, such as McClaren and Morgan.  Also the market is quite saturated with foreign made cars..  Also, many UK factories are foreign owned, but this does not mean your car purchase would be wasted as these factories although foreign owned, they employ British workers, so contributing to our economy!


As is normal in a global world, maufacturers have car factories all over the planet, including the UK.  So remember...what we can do to help our economy and reduce or trade deficit, is buy a car made in a British based factory, such as Nissan, Toyota and Vauxhall to name a few.

British specialist Car builders and cars made in British factories.

  • Aston Martin (1913–present)      view cars and news info on their    website 
  • Bentley (1919–present)                view cars and news info on their    website
  • Jaguar (1935–present)                view cars and news info on their     website
  • Land Rover (1948–present)          view cars and news info on their   website
  • Lotus (1952–present)                   view cars and news info on their    website
  • McLaren (1985–present)             view cars and news info on their    website
  • Morgan motors - (1909–present) view cars and news info on their    website 
  • Mini (1959–present)                       view cars and news info on their   website
  • Nissan UK (1984–present)            view cars and news info on their   website
  • Toyota UK (1992 - present)           view cars and news info on their   website
  • Vauxhall UK (1903 - present)        view cars and news info on their   website

Exports and imports of goods with the EU

Exports and imports of goods with the EU, excluding precious metals, increased by £1.0 billion (8.6%) and £0.8 billion (4.5%) respectively in March 2021; both driven by cars.


Obviously cars are the major manufactured import, and this is the area that we could reduce our €79 billion deficit, and help by buying a UK manufactered car,

Restored Classic or Kit Car?

Of course if none of the current production cars appeal to you, then maybe consider a classic restored car from one of the many British restoration specilists.


Or maybe a kit car based on a british car, replace the body and using existing running gear, to give you that feeling of driving something extra special? 


A UK produced kit car can be the ideal answer as you can have every type from an AC Cobra to a Ferrari. This link is to the A-Z of British manufacturers of kit cars.   Find your favourite!

Cobra style kit car from AK sports cars.

This is a “Standard” factory built AK 427. Ready to hit the open roads and 100% complete, registered and even taxed ready to drive away.


It is always very difficult to say what is a “standard” kit car, what extras should be added to the car as a standard is a challenge, customers all have different tastes and all have a vision of what their dream car looks like.


Our motto here at AK is “Your dream is our passion” so we expect your project to be completely to your specification and would spend all the time required in showing you ALL the options available before commencing your build.  This ensures you get the dream car you envisaged.


Classic car magazines


Keep up to date with all the news about classic cars with a magazine subscription.

Always dreamt of restoring a classic car?

Some people buy a classic car or decide to restore one because they have a passion for it, others are looking for an investment. The latter is a challenge and success depends on a range of factors. There’s a good deal of activity on the classic car market at the moment but that hasn’t always been the case.


But which Classic Cars Make the Best Investment?

You have more chance of making a decent profit over time if you are restoring a classic rather than buying it in decent condition. You may still have to put in plenty of money to get it to operating condition and this factor needs to be taken into account. It’s important to do as much research as possible so you have a realistic idea of what can be achieved.  Here is a very helpful website to guide you with a project.


Car Restoration Specialists aound the UK


There are restoration specialists around the UK, who can help with a restoration or if you are looking to purchase a ready to drive classic from the famous Triumph TR range to a ford Anglia!.

Of course restorers do not just specialise in UK cars, and you will find the odd Ferrari

Here are some links to get you started.

Triumph TR range of cars

Classic and vintage cars

Special projects in Aston Martin

Off roader restorations

Car Parts special offers  - until 1st May 21


Up to 45% of Winter essentials

There is a wealth of information available for British made just need to look or google for it!


For cars, you can find good information at Make it British, they specialise in promoting British manufacturers or firms that make products in the UK. So now you have a choice when buying your next car and if it is EU can leave it in the showroom!

New car news - MG new Cyberster

2nd April 2021

New elecrtric sportster fro MG. Although MG design their cars in London, they are manufactured in various worldwide factories....shame, but there we are.

After the SUVs and the station wagon, the Cyberster is now a traditional model of the brand.


MG has really stepped on the gas in recent weeks. Shortly after the plug-in hybrid SUV EHS went on sale in February, the large electric SUV Marvel R and the electric station wagon MG5 were presented. Since last year, a compact electric SUV ( ZS EV ) from the former British traditional brand has also been available in Europe.


Before the Chinese SAIC Group acquired the brand rights from MG, however, the British were primarily known for their compact roadster models. Just remember the legendary MGB from the 1960s. And now the new owner seems to be getting down to the roots of the brand. On April 21, tis year, a study of a new MG roadster will be shown at the Shanghai Motor Show 2021.


The open two-seater has an electric drive and is said to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds (!). The range is given as up to 800 km. There is no information on performance, battery capacity or charging speed yet. However, the name of the study has already been decided - it is called Cyberster. And the combination of "cyber" and "roadster" fits in well with the futuristic design.


With its headlights integrated into the body ("Magic Eyes"), the continuous strip of lights that even spans the flank, and the two upright light units in the front air intake, the Cyberster looks both modern and aggressive. Unlike many other current car models, however, the Cyberster does not appear aggressive at all. The almost friendly look is also familiar from the traditional roadsters from MG. Large wheels sit in the wide wheel arches. The waistline is strongly indented, especially in the sill area. Behind the passengers, there are two scoops that extend far into the rear. And the exit is then quite unique. The steeply sloping rear end is also marked by several light units and a light strip. The centrally placed MG logo is also illuminated.


No photos of the cockpit have not been released yet. However, a teaser graphic hints at a driver's seat with plenty of high-tech. In addition to virtual displays and a head-up display with augmented reality, a fingerprint scanner is also visible. This is probably intended to provide driving authorization instead of the key.

MG has not yet decided whether there will be a production version of the Cyberster. For the Chinese owners, this could provide a huge image boost, especially in Europe. We also have a suggestion for a suitable launch date: MG celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2024.

Review and photos from OE24


How the German & French car Makers get their profits from us!

With their AUTOMOTIVE AFTER SALES of course!!

Contrary to popular misconception, car SALES are not lucrative. However, After sales is a big market and very lucrative for the EU Car manufacturers.  Also, the leasing and insurance side is a big profit generator for them.


Comment from a reader about his experience.

"The last service at VW cost me the best part of £1,000. For a car, that is serviced regularly and hardly moved. It's a rip-off. Replacing the expensive sythentic oil after only 3.5K for £180 is extortionate. That was 5 years ago. Consequences? I no longer service the vehicle at VW. Rather, I have a local garage, not a franchise, a small business do the work. These guys are trained professionals who worked for dealerships before going it alone. When they source parts, I ask them specifically to source not from the dealership but from OEM (original equipment manufactures) or equivalent."


There is no better way to help your local UK community using owner-operated local businesses like this. I've have some professional exposure to the automotive industry. I really know where they make their money. If you want to hit the EU car makers. Hit their dealership networks, insurance, leasing, warranty and especially replacement parts business.


They can't survive on sales. They don't even make their money there. It's the "little extras" they offer. Especially PARTS and SERVICE.


Many British manufactured cars rely on parts from the EU...well until they can get these from other sources there is little that the British buyer can do, other than having the satisfaction that the purchase of a British manufactured car is keeping British workers in employment instead of keeping German & French workers in comfort!


So, for your next new car purchase, think about this? 


Secondhand EU cars do not pose such a challenge as generally the car is out of warranty and so servicing is by a local garage rather than the main dealer who supplied it in the first place! If you have bought a secondhand EU car, go to your local garage or at least an independent garage with non of the expensive mark up on servicing and car parts etc.

Need new tyres - or winter tyres for safer driving?


Whether you need tyres for the upcoming MOT...summer driving or even more important Winter driving, when the tyre compound is softer to ensure better road grip in winter weather.

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Small Garage or DIY fan?


Frost offer an outstanding choice of Automotive Tools & Equipment for Custom Vehicles, Retro Cars, Classic Car and Bike Restorers, Competitors, and Craftsman. Including Paints & Coatings, Electroplating, Rust Treatments & Prevention, Detailing Products, Car Care & Polishing, Bodywork,

Need to rent a car or van?

At times we need a larger car..perhaps for a family and friends weekend or to help move the offspring to their new flat at college or university??   

Europ car have some great bargains on cars and vans!.

Longer term Car Hire

Did you know, that Europcar offer longer term car hire?  A great way of saving if you are between car purchase or simply do not want the costs of ownership.

You can rent from 28 - 84 days, and at great prices.

Check out long term car hire


Classic Jaguar Cars


Fond memories.  Many of us from our youth remember these fantastic British cars.


Myself, as a student, I had a summer job at a concrete factory.  The son of the owner had an E type Jaguar, which we all used to fawn over.


I got on well with him and one day at lunchtime, he asked me if I would like to have a drive....Wow...I would love to..but I only had a motorcycle licence at that time, so he offered to drive.... to show off I guess.


Well, what can I say?  As a young teenager, and not so knowledgable about cars, I was shocked at the power as he put his foot down and I was pressed into my seat...I could not move of my seat...the G force was incredible....ah...... happy memories!


We would like for our readers to share their, If you have any happy motoring memories please use our blog to tell us all about it.