Flags of Commonwealth Countries

Commonwealth day is celebrated each year on the second Monday in March

Trading with the Commonwealth countries


We already trade with many of the Commonwealth countries but now that we are out of the restrictive EU, we are free once again to increase our trade with UK friendly nations to buy and sell more to our Fellow English speaking nations.


If you cannot find a British alternative to EU produce in the supermarkets, then look at the produce of our cousins in the commonwealth countries

Australia trade.

To us the British shopper, we tend to think of the wines first and foremost!  But our cousins in Australia and New Zealand have a lot more to offer than just fine wines.


We have over the past 50 years become too reliant on the EU suppliers.

We need to move spending away from the EU and more to the Commonwealth countries.


UK’s imports of goods and services from the EU27 : £293.9 billion

UK’s imports of goods and services from Australia : £4.1 billion

The EU27 accounted for 50.2% of all imports into the UK - this can be reduced

Australia accounted for just 0.7%  - Have a look at Australia - virtually of course!

New Zealand trade


In the year 2020, the value of trade goods exported from the United Kingdom to New Zealand was approximately $906.37 Million U.S. dollars.  Have a look at New Zealand - virtually of course!

Canada trade


 In the year 2020, the value of trade goods exported from the United Kingdom to Canada was around

7.64 billion U.S. dollars.                                Have a look at Canada - virtually of course!


Some Non - EU countries we trade with and the export figures - 2020

Export figures are from 'Trading Economics' and show exports above 2 billion US dollars.

There are of course many oter countries where we export less than 2 billion dollars.

United States                      $57.72 Billion              Switzerland                         $19.94 Billion

Hong Kong                          $10.65 Billion

Canada                               $  7.64 Billion

Japan                                  $  7.30 Billion

Turkey                                 $  6.36 Billion

United Arab Emirates          $  6.29 Billion

Singapore                            $  5.70 Billion

Sweden                               $  5.52 Billion

South Korea                        $  5.32 Billion Norway                                $  5.28 Billion

Australia                              $  5.24 Billion

India                                    $  4.01 Billion

Saudi Arabia                       $  3.59 Billion

Qatar                                   $  3.29 Billion

Denmark                             $  2.96 Billion

Brazil                                   $  2.23 Billion

Israel                                   $  2.19 Billion