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UK food - from the freshest fish & best meat ethically farmed to the many veggie options!

Organic foods...meat & fish from Britain


A one-stop shop full of all the right choices, Planet Organic is a health food haven with organic fruit & vegetables, organic bread from artisan London bakeries, only organic meat and sustainable fish from British waters. 

Our over-flowing groceries range is full of gluten-free, dairy-free, raw food and healthy options, while our Health & Bodycare department stocks the best natural beauty brands and a wide range of high quality health supplements. 

The UK has a phenomenal range of foods available to the local buyer, but many supermarkets choose to buy more from the EU, than locally produced food.


Some of the arguments are that it is cheaper to buy from the EU!  Well, there might be instances where this is true, but what about the damage to the environment caused by the large articulated trucks roaring across or roads, not to mention the damage to the local roads! This is also an additional hidden cost, when it comes to road repair..generally the local council, which in turn might need to increase council taxes to raise more funds. In other words you end up paying more for EU goods.


Many people say...well the British shop at Supermarkets like Lidl...which is German, but we must be fair here to Lidl's - When we did a test shopping trip, there was so much food that had the UK flag, from salad packs to all the cheeses, chilled foods and more....there is even a great range of English beers!!


So... we feel Lidl's have recognised the need of their UK customers to purchase local British produce, to keep their UK customers happy. Go try for yourself and please let us know. There is a comments and blog section on our website.


Cheeses from the United Kingdom.


The British Cheese Board states that "there are over 700 named British cheeses produced in the UK."     British cheese has become an important export for the UK, particularly cheddar.


Of course we have developed a taste for soft cheeses such as the French Bries and Camemberts....But, you can get almost the same wonderful tastes from a British produced soft cheese!

Here are some alternative and equivilent replacements from British cheese producers...


Try Cornish Brie or Tunworth soft cheese, and there’s a stunning cows milk soft cheese from the Isle Of Wight, and thats before we even mention Bath soft cheese!. 


The stinky French….rind cheeses have been long time favourites of many dining rooms, the way it seeps out on a cheese tray, the pungent, aromas tickling at your nostrils!


But well washed rind cheese is one of the most exciting areas of British cheese making with the likes of Stinking Bishop, Oxford Isis and Golden Cenarth to name but a few. Each of these delicate, powerful cheeses can stand toe to toe with even the most pristine French stinkies!.


Then we come to blue cheese, Roquefort stand pretty high on the salty,  toungue biting charts, the cave aging playing a significant role in the flavour.


We don’t need to tout the intricacies and world appreciation of Stilton, instead we can look at the wide range of complex, and very different blue cheeses of the UK. From Shropshire, Cornish and Beenleigh Blue, we have a wealth of blue cheese prowess at our finger tips, each with unique and refined flavours, and a sharpness, creaminess and intensity of blue veining.


While many people are still concerned over the pros and cons of Brexit, cheese imports should not be one worry about. You do not need to fret about the cheese board, because we in Great Britain have got ourselves covered for cheese supply!!.

So what are you waiting for, ask your local shop or delicatessen, if they do not stock it they will order it for you.

When it comes to fruit and veg...again these are generally labelled with country of origin or EU produced, as in the case of some honey that is a mix from all over the EU!


The UK has great local foods...try some if you normally just buy what is in front of will be happily surprised at the taste and quality.  Remember products from  the EU have had to travel thousands of miles to get to the UK supermarket shelves...and I wonder how much pollution that has caused just to have some Romanian potatoes on the shelves!!


Ask your local supermarket or shop to stock more UK produce and do your bit to keep money in the UK.  The more we spend on British produce the more we keep jobs in Great Britain. You won't find EU countries buying British cheeses...they buy local...copy them!!

We can reduce pollution and the number of heavy articulated trucks on our UK roads!


Buy as much British produce as you can, this will reduce the trucks coming from the EU.

This will mean less pollution, less break up of our roads and fewer accidents by foreign drivers of left hand drive vehicles!

So what are the choices for British fish?

 To start with...Britain being an Island, the first foods that come to mind are from the sea. So many types of edible fish, Cod, herring, mackeral, shellfish, crab and prawns and more.


Our fishing industry, needs us to buy as much UK caught fish as possible.  In our own area of Great Britain, in Devon...we have a wonderful choce of fish, and the sooner we can catch more, rather than being told what we could catch by BRUSSELS...the better for all UK citizens from Lands End to John O'Groats in Scotland.


Wanting to buy local fish, check out The national fishmongers web page. This gives a map of the UK and  lists all Fishmongers in each area of the UK


We have recently seen new fishmonger shops opening here in Devon, which is most welcome. It is also wonderful to see the simple opening time notice: Open 9am - until sold out !!


So, please also let us know of any new fishmongers opening in your area.


Fishmonger links for all the areas of the UK.  The West, The East, The South, The Midlands, The North, Scotland and Northern Ireland and of course London area.

Bargain Foods in the UK,  specialise in discount food and household goods - allowing them to pass on huge savings to customers.


They have 1000's of products including - the Big Brands, Cupboard Fillers, Wide range of Food & Drinks, Household & Toiletries, Gifts plus much more... all at huge discounts which can offer great savings....even better Delivery is free when spending £35 or more!

Next look at our landscape, England's green and pleasant land.


What could be more English, than fresh summer strawberries? Most local green grocers stock English strawberries, and we have noticed of late, that the major supermarkets are also promoting English...treat yourself and don't forget our the clotted cream!


British fields are producing all sorts of oats and cereals, then there are the fruit farms producing all sorts of berries, apples, pears etc...and not forgetting the hops that make the world renowned real Ales!

When shopping...Look for British grown food produce first!

Farming in UK


Next look at our farming, we have some of the most ethical animal farms in Europe, beef, lamb, pigs and poultry. Also organic farming and the farmers themselves are a caring bunch when it comes to their animals welfare.


Try Wiltshire farm foods, For over 25 years, they have been cooking and delivering delicious frozen meals for you to enjoy whenever you like.

There are over 300 tasty dishes to choose from, hand-delivered by local drivers who are reliable, friendly and here to help you. 

Want to get started? Simply place your order - you can order as often or as little as you like, there's no contract - and your driver will deliver it for free.  


Farmers markets in all UK towns.


Many towns all over Great Britain host Farmers markets, where you can go and get the best of British farmed meat and British grown foods...see if your town is on the Farmers uk map.?

Farm Fresh from London Grocery


As London Grocery, we are a London-based local online grocery start-up that delivers UK wide. The main mission of London Grocery is to seamlessly deliver top quality fresh groceries to our customers, with 100% premium quality and customer satisfaction.

With the daily supplied fresh groceries, you can receive fresh produce as if they had just been collected from the farm or access rare exotic fruits you won’t find anywhere else. The same procedure applies to our premium line of local meat plus fish & seafood .

We source as much food as possible from UK producers and we are working with British farmers to source local fruit and veg produce as much as we can.   Also our meat is sourced from Scotland.
Offer - Free shipping across the UK with all orders over £40.


English Food & Drink gifts

Shop for food and drink to find a range of traditional products that are made in England using tried and tested recipes from days gone by.

Our old-fashioned drinks include delicious meads, spirits and beer. Among our food delights are homemade jams, curds, chutneys and biscuits. A number of our beautifully packaged food and drink items are exclusive to English Heritage, making them lovely gifts for history lovers.