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Our economy is so entertwined with EU & worldwide products it can be difficult to buy entirely British products. But this page is your handy links for on line shops and businesses selling as much UK products as possible, from food & Drinks, holiday breaks, furniture and much more.

Buy from British businesses and support our country!

Easter is coming.... give a personalised present this year!


It is never easy trying to chose the correct gift, and it can be a minefield to navigate....but after you have chosen the main pressie, how about that little something extra that says how important that person in your life is to you?

Menkind are an innovative gift and gadget retailer in the UK.

Specialising in Men’s gifts but also featuring a wide variety of products with everyone in mind. Featuring unusual gifts such as hatching dinosaur candles, to affordable technology such as Bluetooth Laser Keyboards. There is even a risqué section, definitely suitable for adults only.

Stock up for staying home


Order all the foods you might need for the family online and at bargain that will make for a nice springtime and less hassle.

Perhaps really treat yourself this Easter, forget cooking every day and order your meals pre-prepared to give you more time to spend with family.


Wiltshire farm foods, have for over 25 years, been cooking and delivering delicious meals and frozen for you to enjoy whenever you like.

There are over 300 tasty dishes to choose from, hand-delivered by local drivers who are reliable, friendly and here to help you. 

Want to get started? Simply place your order - you can order as often or as little as you like, there's no contract - and your driver will deliver it for free.

English Heritage


Looking for a gift that denotes our heritage? English Heritage offers everything that is English from traditional English food & drinks to all types of gifts...even Monopoly!

Spring offer - Free deliveries on orders over £50

Whisky, Wine & Beer

We all enjoy a Glass of wine, maybe a whisky or a beer after a long working day and the Drinks shop have more choice than one could ever dream is their website links.

Rum from Scotland??


Rum is produced primarily in countries where the climate is conducive to growing cane sugar, with more than 80 per cent of the world’s rum is produced rum in the Caribbean and Latin America, but it is now also distilled everywhere from Australia to Thailand…and even Scotland.


Beer for the modern world


Long gone are the days of water fizzy liquid posing as Alcohol free beers.  Now we have a new generation of proper tasing Alcohol free beers, such as craft ales, IPA's and more.

Order from our webshop and get awesome alcohol-free beer, delivered to your door.

Stuck indoors....catch up on your reading with some great magazines for Men & Women

Glassware made in Great Britain

Dartington Glass, as it was known until the 1980s, originated in 1967 as one of the Dartington Hall Trust’s enterprises in Devon.


It quickly became the most recognised manufacturer of glassware in the UK. Dartington's vision was built on a clean and simple design style, handmade using age-old techniques. It is now the only remaining factory scale producer in the UK.


Special March offers from Dartington


 Prezzybox is one of the UK’s favourite online gift retailers.

They have thousands of affordable quirky products, including awesome gadgets, stylish homeware and unique personalised treats.

Sell you own Pre-loved items? - 50% off - membership offer

Clearing the loft?  Preloved is a great classified adverts website to sell your unwanted items, rather than create waste. Also, great for finding that elusive item!!


Get 50% Off our Full Membership!

Valid until: Midnight 31/03/21


Weekend break or UK holiday

We all need a break now and again...even if it is just a long weekend. But perhaps you need a large car for that journey to the coast...Europecar offer some great bargains for car hire

Day out with the Kids! - Save over 50% with £1 day trial !!


It is not always possible to to take a week off or even a weekend...but consider getting away for a nice day out and with KIds Pass it is much cheaper to do so.

Corona update:

According to the current exit to lockdown roadmap in England, outdoor attractions such as zoos and theme parks will be allowed to full reopen from April 12th 2021 with cinemas allowed to reopen from May 17th 2021.

Whether you prefer video or board games...365 can supply.


at, we’ve been building this tight community of loyal customers for over 15 years. We have low prices on a selection of great video games, board and card games and collectables.  As avid gamers ourselves, when we first started out we felt as though there was a bit of an injustice in the gaming and entertainment offering online. We launched on eBay selling repaired and pre-owned video games and quickly spotted that there were a lot of gamers who felt the same way as us.


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A hotel break or park the car at the airport?

Treat yourself to a weekend break...and take your pet with you!

Many hotels near to airports offer weekend breaks, even if you do not fly somewhere instead!

Looking after your pet.

 They become one of the family, and not everyone thinks about costs when they get an adorable new pet...but they can also be a drain on finances if they get ill or have an accident - get them insured for your piece of mind.

Allergies are not nice!


Besides beloved pets, summertime tends to be the allergy season, with all the discomforts from a runny nose to watery eyes...sometimes it can feel like you have a cold or even the the flu!!


But by making note of what affects you, you can lessen the problem. Try Allergy best buys.

You can even shop by specific allergies!  Check out the latest in room purifiers that sterilise the air in your room.  It can silently destroy Allergens, Viruses, Germs and Bacteria.

Be safe - change to winter tyres!


We tend to forget the importance of tyres, and particlarly so in Winter.  Many drivers simply assume that as there is not much snow or very little, then why bother??

Well, the reason to bother is that Winter tyres are made from special compounds that stay soft, giving better grip on icy roads in freezing weather...and we certainly get a lot of that in the UK.


Electric Bikes, Motorbikes and Scooters


Facilitating the transition to a sustainable future. For every purchase you make we plant a tree. The UK's best aftercare on every order - warranty and servicing in the comfort of your home with our UK Wide Engineer Network.


. Visit Electric Rider