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How Europe reported the Lifting of restrictions in UK

13.04.21  -  News and reader comments from full article

5 remainer predictions that did not come true!!

13.04.21 - It is five years today since the official Leave and Remain campaigns won official designation in the EU referendum campaign.

         Despite David Cameron’s psephological guru Andrew Cooper predicting a ten point win for 'staying In' on polling day, we all know what happened next as the Vote Leave team of Boris and Cummings trumped the Britain Stronger in Europe’s brigade of Craig Oliver, Will Straw et al.

Households £4,300 worse off - Half a million job losses - An inevitable punishment budget

The warnings of the big banks - The collapse of the West!   read full article from Spectator


New Zealand free trade deal in Pipeline.


Liz Truss and her Department for International Trade colleagues will take part in the fourth round of talks on securing a free trade argeement - potentially worth many billions of pounds next week. The landmark deal will slash tariffs on wine imports alongside gin, meaning wine from the Commonwealth nation will likely be cheaper on the supermarket shelves alongside New Zealand lamb. Full story from Express


Prince Philip passed away today 9th April 21


Sadly part of our British identity passed away this morning.  We thank him for the 70 plus years of dedicated service to Great Britain and send our condolances to her majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Long live the Queen


Europe news comments on Belfast riots - caused by Brexit??


Riots in Belfast blamed on Brexit by Europe. Read full article on our News snippets page

MG launching new Electric Sportster at Shanghai Motor Show 2021

2nd April 21

On April 21, this year, a concept model for a new MG will be shown at the Shanghai Motor Show 2021.

As a mixutre of Cyber and Roadster It is being billed as the Cybersterread article on our car page

Sister Sledge was right - We are family!


A great 3 minute read about the act of union.

'Britain First' get a good result against the Electoral commission.

28.03.21 - Britain first made a food step forard in their argument with the Electoral commission to get registered as a political party.

You can read the results of the court case here.

Corona vaccine debacle: EU should have listened to Bill Gates


Microsoft founder's advice was a year ago - the USA & Great Britain complied, why not the EU?

read article

Politics threaten to cloud EU countries’ pause of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine

'Brexit buster' shipping route announced between UK and Morocco.

Logistics company United Seaways plans to launch a new 'Brexit buster' direct shipping route that will connect the UK and Morocco.


A new direct shipping route, which will connect the UK and Morocco, is to be launched shortly.

Read full article from Fresh Fruit Portal:

So green Brexit is actually a thing?


EU and UK struggle to overcome Brexit bad blood!

4th Feb 21

The EU and UK are learning to live as exes, but their new relationship is framed by mistrust and lingering resentment.


The late Friday night phone call between U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen centered on a theme familiar to many divorced couples still entangled by financial, legal and social obligations: What the hell have you done?

Read full article from Politico

Illustration - Ben Jennings for Politico

Perhaps some happy consequences of Brexit!

But after new U.K.-EU trade rules kicked in January 1, a dysfunctional New Year’s rollout of customs checks is driving unprecedented demand for alternatives that avoid the hassle of Britain. 


This could be a blessing in disguise, as there will be fewer EU trucks on UK roads, so less pollution, less road damage, fewer hold ups and possibly fewer accidents from the drivers of left hand drive trucks.


At Long last!

1st January 2021

We felt that there was enough main stream news and information about the agreed deal with the EU, so to keep the fun in the matter, we post this cartoon sent to us by a subscriber.

Hope you enjoy as much as we did?