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White goods manufactured in UK

Posted on 10th May, 2021

White goods manufactured in UK.

I had a request this morning for information about White goods if manufactured in the UK.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention David, I shall add the information to our website for other readers.


Most wash machines, fridges etc are made EU or asia, but there is a British manufacturer that you can buy from and support british jobs.


The company is EBAC  - https://www.ebac.com/about/



EU Brexit and Scexit?

Posted on 10th May, 2021

Well, after the voting last week in UK local elections, EU newspapers are playing up the Scotland needs it's freedom card and not be ruled by Westminster.  After all UK got it's freedom from EU!


But, leaving an undemocratic organisation is not the same as two countries who have been together through thick and thin for over 300 years, having an acrimonious divorce!!


Unfortunately I suspect, reading between the lines, they (EU) want to cause maximum disruption for the UK and social upheaval.  Perhaps they would bring Scotland into the EU? They can then say how much better if England also came back...one can see the long term plans being laid now for the next 10 years!!


For example from German language newspaper:

When he took office as "First Lord of the Treasury," as the British head of government is officially known, he also made himself "Minister for the Union. The fact that he (Johnson) then ruthlessly pushed through a hard Brexit, including withdrawal from the EU's single market and customs union, has severely weakened the already fragile union.


For as narrowly as England, which has by far the largest population, and Wales opted to leave the Union in June 2016, the Northern Irish (56 percent) and Scots (62 percent) clearly wanted to stay in. While a special solution was found for Northern Ireland's particularly delicate situation, London bluntly told the Scots: "Take it or leave it.


We need to be aware of the burgers in the EU and also their media!!


Can we the shoppers influence the Supermarkets product buying?


A very contentious question, as I get many emails saying they have contacted various supermarkets or web platforms to complain about lack of UK produce choice for many food items....but do not get an answer.  If you get ignored by customer services , then try via the contact us section of the websites. These generally have a promise to reply with a few days!!


Whilst we the UK shopper can understand that supply chains have been operating for decades with the EU, this is no reason to delay product change and bring more purchasing back within the UK to local suppliers. 


Well, there is the old saying that 'Evil only succeeds when good people do nothing' ! 

So, I would suggest to all our readers, that they send a simple polite email or put a post on their favourite social media platform. Directing the request, to all the main supermarkets, "please can you stock more local produce, as this will help our own British companies and also reduce the Truck mileage required to bring fruit and veg from deep within Europe". 


Thanks for reading and over to you the shopper.


A day to celebrate being English

Posted on 23rd April, 2021

Today St George's day is very special for patriotic English. Although it is not a public holiday, much to many peoples annoyance, it should not stop you celebrating all that is English and be proud of your nation.


It is not jingoistic to be proud of one's heritage. Every other nation in the UK does so with pride. The Scots and the Welsh make a big noise when it comes to their Saint days.  And worldwide the Irish seem to have collared the market in Saint day promotion!


So, go and enjoy today and if a beer drinker go and have one of our world beating real ales!!


By the way readers, if you did not already know....it is also another great Englishman's birthday today 'William Shakespere's'


Good point from a site visitor

Posted on 21st April, 2021

We had this email comment this morning from a site visitor and felt it deserved to be mentioned to all our readers.


Here is a copy of an email I sent to ALDI, I have not received a reply as of now.

Food Labelling / Country of origin

Good Morning,

I notice increasingly that your products , mostly, no longer show the country of origin,
Why is that ? , I like to know where my food comes from so I am free to make the personal decision to actively support or boycott a country or trading bloc such as the EU, for instance, I have a bag of croissants from ALDI which have no country of origin, If I knew that these croissants were made in France, I would not have purchased them, yet your grapes do show country of origin and I only purchase the grapes from South Africa/Egypt/Morocco etc when you have them, if you only have Spanish grapes, I simply go without, so , this is a choice I wish to make but require the information in the First place to make that choice, a lot of my friends and neighbours say the same thing.

I will be very interested to hear your response.

Thank You,
Mark Skinner


Dear Mark,


Many thanks for taking the time to send us your Aldi contact email.

We agree that all products should be labelled so that we the shoppers can make an informed choice when we make a purchase.


I think that the system for bread products is that they are made in France and supplied frozen, so that the supermarkets can simply put in their ovens and claim freshly baked?   But they could just as easily give a contract to a british firm.  Maybe another email asking if the croissants are supplied frozen from France might get a response :)


Best regards and keep following our website.


Fake News or filtered?

Posted on 20th April, 2021

Is News fake or is it Filtered?


I had an interesting email arrive in my box this morning. It was from Britain first, a political organisation that gets a lot of bad press, so I read with interest their take on the Main Stream Media, BBC and the newspapers etc....and very fascinating it was!!


Brexiteers have been demonised for years for their views, with most Main Stream Media sources following the line of filtering news about Brexit rather than in original format


We mostly get all our news from the MSM, but do we ever question it? 

Have a read for of the article for yourself and decide.

Brexit watch - our economic garden!

Posted on 16th April, 2021

Today, I received a very interesting article from Brexitwatch, which I wanted to share. It made for a very explanatory vision of what the UK is facing for the future and not all from Brexit!.


For GB, the economic garden is far from rosy!

GIVEN THE SCALE of the challenges Britain faces, from the erosion of liberty and even free speech, to the threat of the possible break-up of the United Kingdom, to the attack on our cultural values the economic challenge has perhaps been relegated from its pedestal in general consciousness.


You can read the completge article here at Brexitwatch

Small UK business and difficult EU!

Posted on 14th April, 2021

Are the EU making life difficult for Small UK business?


With the new paperwork required to export to the EU, many small businesses have decided to not deal with the EU for a while, perhaps to see how things might improve or not as the case maybe!


I cannot blame them, as a small business you do not have the staff or the financial clout to be able to circumvent these problems easily.


Will small business look elsewhere to export their products?  It seems so, according to survey by the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses)  23% of those surveyed had temporarily suspended sales to the EU bloc.  Tellingly, a further 4% of small businesses have decided to stop selling to the EU, stating it is not worth the hassle.


70% of businesses had experienced delays when moving their goods, with some reporting delays of weeks!!  Furthermore, one in three had lost goods in transit! Also 34% had goods held indefinitely at EU border crossings.


So, hopefully UK shoppers will take up the slack and buy more British goods.

Is a trade war coming?

Posted on 9th April, 2021

Well,... the past week has brought a lot of anger to the surface. Both from EU and UK.

You can read lots about in the main stream media, so we try here to keep to what the people in the street think and add a reader comment from EU newspaper.

Translated of course!


Today the main story in EU is Northern Ireland...so what do the readers think?

Interesting comment rom German language paper:

Northern Ireland: Rioters rage again in Northern Ireland
Hong Kong: Police cracked down on democracy movement protests in Hong Kong

in both cases there was damage to property etc...

Also at the demos in Hong Kong, demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails at police officers, who then had to go to hospitals, and set fire to buses, stores and cars...

In Ireland it is rioters and even terrorists; in Hong Kong democratic protests?





EU 90 day rule is up today!

Posted on 30th March, 2021

Although the UK was very generous allowing EU citizens to continue to have the 6 months stay in any 12 months.  The EU was not so generous or kind hearted.


Today the 90 day stay rule is up and second home owners in Europe must return to UK for 90 days if they have not already done so, before another 90 day EU stay, This can be difficult for property owners with regards to maintenance of their property.


I find these rules of the EU a bit harsh, what difference does it make to them whether an owner stays for the full 6 months then leaves for 6 months, other tha pettiness.....but it is their choice and no doubt the second home owners who would still be spending their money in Europe, will now be spending it in the UK.


I can see that this might have a knock on effect and second home owners selling up to invest in the UK?