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The total trade deficit for 2022 was - £116 Billion!!!

Our monthly EU trade deficits for 2023 in £ Billions

July 23 £ 12.7 Billion Aug 23 £ 10.6 Billion Sept 23 £ 9.8 Billion


Keep up to date with our EU trade deficit    - link for UK Gov monthly chart

Latest News Updates

From 01 Jan next year, UK’s contributions to EU creep ever closer to pre-Brexit levels!!

What the Sunak Government bunged to the EU yesterday

  • UK will contribute £2.1bn per year to EU’s ‘Horizon Europe’
  • UK will contribute £133m per year for EU’s ‘Copernicus’ space programme
  • UK will have no say in how the money is spent

[Source: EU Commission, 05 Dec 2023.]

Yesterday (05 Dec 2023) the EU Commission and UK Government announced a deal for the UK to contribute a further €2.5bn per year to participate in the EU’s bloated science project named ‘Horizon’ and its over-budget and over-deadline space project named ‘Copernicus’.

In this report Facts4eu question why this decision was made, given that EU science needs UK science far more than vice versa and should be paying the UK.


We further question why the UK’s innovative ‘Pioneer Scheme’ now looks set to be abandoned.

We will also remind the PM just how badly the EU’s space project ‘Copernicus’ has performed for decades. With the first rocket launch from UK soil planned for early next year, the question has to be “Why now?”

EU27 continue to trade with Putin’s Russia

The EU’s continued trade with Putin’s Russia, Jan-Sept 2023

  • EU’s imports from Russia : € 40.0bn
  • EU’s exports to Russia : € 29.4bn
  • TOTAL TRADE : €69.4bn in nine months this year

[Source : EU Commission’s official statistics agency, 24 Nov 2023.]

How the WHO will take decisions overruling the UK Government  unless we opt out now

Reading the WHO’s proposed ‘Pandemic Treaty’, readers would be forgiven for thinking that it does not compromise any nation’s sovereignty. Unfortunately this is far from the truth when it comes to the ‘International Health Regulations’ (IHR) which complement the Treaty.

It is the proposed amendments to the IHR that do threaten to remove national and individual sovereignty and cede it to the WHO and partner agencies. So the concern to sovereignty comes from the IHR amendments and their integration with the Pandemic Treaty, which creates the infrastructure and bureaucracy that enables them, and the industry that flows from it.

12.11.23 - Source & Image: Fact4eu.org

Far from ‘falling off a cliff’, UK exports of goods and services are buoyant

Last week the Office for National Statistics released the latest official data for the UK’s trade with the EU and with the non-EU world. This includes both goods and services.

This is important because the UK is predominantly a services economy. The figures show that exports to the EU are up by more than 50% in the first half of this year, compared to the first half of 2016.  - Source: Fact4eu

EXCLUSIVE : Rwanda is a safe country after all, says EU, UNHCR, and the African Union!

How can any British human rights lawyers argue it's not?

Report from Facts - 15.10.23 - read full article:

France ‘exports’ over 3 times as many illegal migrants to the UK as it has deported worldwide!

10.10.23 An EXCLUSIVE report from the Brexit Facts4EU.org think-tank, for CIBUK.Org

Since the start of last year Macron’s France has ‘exported’ more than three-and-a-half times as many illegal boat migrants to the UK as it has deported to all other countries in the world combined.

This is the stark reality revealed in a study by the Brexit Facts4EU.Org think-tank carried out for CIBUK.Org. We analysed the official data from the UK Home Office and compared it with the official data from the EU Commission’s statistics agency for deportations from France. The results are highly revealing.

Almost all of the thousands of illegal boat migrants arriving on England’s southern coastline now come from President Macron’s France. It is therefore reasonable to compare the numbers of boat migrants with the total number of illegal migrants which France has deported via official means.  Source - Facts4eu

The Brexit movie is now on general release

4.10.23 Fact4eu invite you to watch the full 42-minute film below. It races along, covering a wide range of Brexit-related topics, with contributions from many famous faces. Check it out on Youtube.

Click on the Photo montage for the Youtube video.

Countries with which we have a large Trade deficit

The UK had a £116 billion trade deficit with the EU in 2022

The UK had a £39.1 billion trade deficit with China in 2021, which means we imported more than we exported.

The UK imported £63.6 billion of goods from China in 2021


Makes sense for us to buy more British produced goods where we can.

This helps keep more jobs in the UK. It also supports small UK based businesses.


© Facts4EU.Org 2023

Montage © Facts4EU.Org 2023

And for young people, in some EU countries, more than one in five are unemployed

For years Brexit Facts4EU has published unemployment data for the UK and the EU, showing clearly that the UK has consistently performed better than the Eurozone and EU27.

Below we present a summary of the latest unemployment figures, released by the Office for National Statistics on Tuesday (15 Aug 2023).

Source- Facts4eu.org

Montage © Facts4EU.Org 2023

What are “temporary first residence permits”?

A temporary residence permit is an authorisation issued by the competent national authority allowing a national of a non-EU country to stay for at least three months on its territory. Data on residence permits are collected together with information on the reasons for issuing such permits. The main reasons include: employment, family reunification and education, with a residual category for ‘other reasons’.


Facts4EU.Org has analysed the latest data and brings readers a summary. It is important to note that this data does not include persons granted temporary protection in EU countries due to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. Nor does it include all those migrants who have avoided registration altogether.

Source: Facts4EU.Org

It’s not only in Brexit Britain that immigration is a hot topic

 Mark Rutte’s Dutch government has just fallen apart over the issue of migrants. The political landscape in the Netherlands is now chaotic.                                                                             The Netherlands is a small country, with just 17.9m people estimated to be living there.              Only 75% are actually Dutch!!    Read the full article at Facts4eu

10.07.23     - Montage © Facts4EU.Org 2023

Well over 6 million from the EU want to live in Brexit Britain

Readers will recall our reports over the years, calling out the Remainers’ claims that “only” three million EU citizens had taken advantage of “Freedom of Movement” and moved to the United Kingdom. We ridiculed these numbers and we have been proved right.

The simple fact is that the UK’s population has risen by around 10% due to the EU’s freedom of movement rules and yet the UK’s housing stock, schools, hospitals, GPs’ surgeries, roads, and social services have not.  Source Facts4EU

The flood of EU migrants to Brexit Britain 

  • As of 31 March 2023, over 7.2 million (7,221,650) applications had been received
  • 89% received in England, 5% in Scotland, 2% in Wales and 2% in Northern Ireland
  • Of the 7.2 million applications, 91% (6.6 million) were from EEA nationals
  • Highest number from Romanian (1,479,460), Polish (1,191,690) and Italian (629,190) nationals
  • 1,169,760 applications received from 1 July 2021 to 31 March 2023 (after the deadline)
  • Of those, 302,180 were from joining family members and 10,740 were derivative rights applications

[Source: Home Office EU Settlement Scheme quarterly statistics, March 2023. Updated 25 May 2023.]

56,000 applications per month still being accepted

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Nation, Nationalism, Internationalism, Supranationalism – Basic Democratic Principles

By Anthony Coughlan

Nations and nation states make up the international community. Globalisation and the development of supranational institutions such as the European Union affect the environment of Europe’s nation states but do not make them out of date.


Nationhood, shared membership of a national community, is the normal basis of democratic states in the modern world. This is shown by the advent of many new European nation states to the international community since 1989, and the likely advent of many more, in Europe and across the globe, as the 21st and 22nd centuries unfold. The following democratic principles are proposed as rational ways of approaching questions of nationhood, state sovereignty, internationalism and supranationalism. Read this three article series here

Rejoiners, if you want to go back into the EU you have to lose the £ sterling!

EU Laws - Which ones still govern us, 7 YEARS after we voted to leave?

7 years later

2nd May 23

MPs told that just 800 of estimated 3,200 EU laws on the British books will be scrubbed by December 31 deadline.!!

With the Government rowing back fast on their commitment to repeal EU laws which still govern us seven years after we voted to leave the bloc, today Facts4eu analyse the laws which the Civil Service has managed to identify so far..

EU laws still governing us, seven years later

The Civil Service's latest best estimates

  • EU laws identified : 3,745
  • EU laws untouched : 3,074 (82%)
  • Amended : 347 (9.3%) – either by the UK or EU
  • Repealed : 292 (7.8%) – either by the UK or EU
  • Replaced : 31 (0.8%)

[Source: Department for Business & Trade, 30 Jan 2023.]

Read the full 3 part feature at Facts4eu.org

Brexit Britain’s trade deals just keep on coming

19.04.23 Yesterday the Trade Minister and Remain-voter Nigel Huddleston MP flew to the States. He opened his visit by signing a state-level Trade Memorandum of Understanding with Governor Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, the fourth such agreement between the UK and a US state, before welcoming a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between UK and US architect regulators.

He could not have done any of this if his campaigning in 2016 to remain in the EU had won over British voters. He would have been prevented by the bureaucrats in Brussels. Fortunately his Remain views were defeated in the EU Referendum, which has now allowed him to celebrate another Brexit win in Washington.

Montage © Facts4EU.Org 2023

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NATO latest: UK is biggest defender of Europe           What thanks do we get from the EU?

NATO 2022 data shows UK is leading European force in defending the EU

Exclusive Facts4EU report highlights Britain’s dominance in military power


On Monday, 21 Mar 2023, NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) released its latest annual report entitled “Defence expenditure of NATO countries (2014-2022)”. Every year Facts4EU punches the numbers and every year the UK comes out on top in Europe. Only the US spends more. Read article


‘Sunak bromance’ – Ex-Goldman Sachs banker gives             Ex-Rothschilds banker nearly £½ bn

UK PM Rishi Sunak agrees to fund France’s illegal migrants problem

‘Cher Rishi’ pays ‘mon ami Emmanuel’ €541 million to pay for France’s and EU’s responsibilities

11.03.23 Buried by headlines covering the BBC row over an overpaid sports commentator, yesterday the British Prime Minister and his senior ministers visited the Elysée Palace in Paris and agreed an extraordinary deal to part with almost half a billion pounds (€541m euros) of British taxpayers’ money to pay for the French and the EU to do their jobs.  Read full article from Facts4eu here

EU admits total of its illegal migrants entering UK in 2022 was 31% higher than UK Home Office says!!

If the extra 31% didn’t come by boat, plane, or train, what did they do? Parachute in? This week the Government will be laying its new immigration bill before Parliament, in an attempt to reduce the numbers of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel.

Ahead of this, today’s Facts4EU.Org report summarises the Home Office numbers for illegal migrants to date, provides some interesting extra information, and highlights the additional 17,000 illegal migrants listed by the EU as having entered the UK in 2022 using all means.

06.03.23    Read the full report and graph from Facts

Fancy being under the 25,163 new EU laws since we left?

That’s what Britain would face if the UK rejoined the EU tomorrow

         UK  EXPORTS & IMPORTS in 2022

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Exposed: How the EU and Irish government conspired to break up the UK!!

3rd August 22  - In 2017, committees of the Dáil Éireann and the House of Commons were told by the heads of their respective customs authorities that no border infrastructure would be necessary as a result of Brexit – even in the event of a ‘no-deal Brexit’. In 2018 the committee of the EU parliament was told the same thing by the expert they commissioned to produce a report.

Now read the whole story from our colleagues at Fact4EU


14.06.22 - some interesting historic information, which comes from the EU Commission and the ONS, so as such is incontrovertible and it shows that the UK is last in line to benefit from EU trade!

read the article at Facts4eu


01.02.22 Brexit 2nd birthday - Interested to know the benefits we have had so far??

Here you can read 46 good results from Brexit:

Should we buy from our Aussie friends, or from the hostile EU?

Report from Fact4eu:   Why the UK-Australia trade deal makes sense for 'Poms and Cobbers' alike!      - A very interesting report from our colleagues at Facts4EU

'Brexit, It's the first thing that people blame for pretty much anything that goes wrong.' 

27.09.21 Anyone who had a sibling growing up knows they were handy - mainly because you got to blame them for things they hadn't actually done. These days, it seems Brexit is the younger sibling!

You will enjoy this enlightening review from GBnews

Brexit Barometer

Use the Brexit Barometer to check what is always going on with the Brexit process.


Brexitwatch keep tabs on what is going on daily and explain all the facts as they get them.

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New Shopping guide shows which UK supermarkets support British Farmers and producers.

NFU report an online supermarket sourcing guide has been launched so shoppers can find out who is backing British farming.  Check out our new UK support page


Britain's Trade imbalance with EU!

We have a trade imbalance with the EU, of over £100 billion!!   That means the EU sell us lots more of their products & services than we sell to them!!.This means less money in the UK!!


A little on the plus side... after selling goods and mainly financial services to the EU...the excess comes down, but we were still left with a deficit of over £69 billion! - €79 billion euros!


That is equivilent to every adult and child in the UK having an overdraft of over £1,000!!

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Almost £40 Billion is what we import in food from the EU!!!  


Yes we need food but we really need to reduce this amount But what can the ordinary person in the street do about this? ...we have little direct say in all that happens in our country and Parliament!


Surely this amount of money would be better kept within the UK, creating jobs and wealth for our own nation? 

Year on year our Trade Deficit with the EU hovers around

£100 Billion !!  

That is equivilent to an overdraft of well over £1,000 for every adult and child in the UK!!

£100 billion that could help create more jobs in Great Britain!


Money that would be better spent in the UK, rather than keeping Brussels burocrats in cosy jobs!

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 To have an effect on this deficit.....

WE can do the only thing that can possibly have an effect ...vote with our wallets. 

The less we spend on EU food and drinks products the more that we divert our hard earned cash to our own food & drink producers.


Just think every purchase of UK products helps secure or create a local job!

So, consider leaving EU goods on the supermarket shelves and maybe spend an extra £10 per week on UK goods instead?.


Let us for example say that the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU decided to buy only British products to help this imbalance.  No French wines & cheeses or No Italian wines and cheeses?

 "But"...I like Camembert and Procecco, I hear you say

Well, Britain produces an equivilent, have a look for yourselves!   Camembert cheese and Procecco. 


Just think............... if these 17.4 million individuals spent their Family grocery shopping budget, buying purely British products, where possible, it could mean keeping over a £1 billion in the UK economy over the period of a year!!

     St Georges Day         

celebrate  23rd April each year !!

 St George's Day is the most important historical and cultural day of celebration for the English nation. By the way, it is also William Shakespere's birthday!

Read more about St George's day