Leave it on the shelf!!

Help reduce the £79 Billion EU Deficit!!

 Current Monthly trade deficits - April - £5,409 million, May - £4285 million 

so a reduction in the UK deficit in May        - link for UK Gov monthly chart

Buy more British produce and goods!

We have a €79 billion deficit trading with the EU !!!

Equivilent to an overdraft of £1,000 for every person in UK!

but we have a € 49 billion Trade surplus with NON - EU countries!!  Makes you think!!

         UK  EXPORTS & IMPORTS IN May 2021

  • Total exports of goods, excluding precious metals, increased by £1.3 billion (4.9%) in May 2021, driven by a £1.0 billion (8.0%) increase in exports to EU countries.

  • Total imports of goods, excluding precious metals, fell by £0.5 billion (1.4%) in May 2021 because of a £0.7 billion (3.4%) fall in imports from non-EU countries, which offset a slight increase of £0.1 billion (0.8%) to EU countries.

  • Monthly goods imports from non-EU countries, excluding precious metals, continues to be higher than the EU for the fifth consecutive month.

  • In the three months to May 2021, the total trade deficit, excluding precious metals, narrowed by £2.2 billion to £3.5 billion.

  • In the three months to May 2021, the trade in services surplus fell by £0.2 billion to £28.1 billion.

Brexit Barometer

Use the Brexit Barometer to check what is always going on with the Brexit process.


Brexitwatch keep tabs on what is going on daily and explain all the facts as they get them.

leave it on the shelf

It is not over....the protocol arguement going back to court!

12.07.21 WELCOME to the this special update from Brexit watch – they report on the judgement of the Judicial Review in the Belfast High Court brought against the Northern Ireland protocol by Brexit-Watch Chairman Ben Habib and leading Unionist politicians .  read full report here

EU News snippets - we gather these snippets from European Newspapers click here for full articles

We also include comments from the newspaper readers - which make for some very very interesting reading!!

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Refugee boats put British asylum policy to the test!

2.08.21 Report from Austrian news - The government wants life imprisonment for smugglers and the immediate arrest of those entering the country. But there is also resistance, and the willingness to donate is increasing.   Read the full article on euro page

Is the vax rollout a re-run of the Brexit division?

30.07.21 - One of the great cautionary tales of the last five years is how to start off with what looked like a strong case for remain and end up with 48%. Has the same happened to the vaccine rollout?

Has the EU totally trashed Astra Zeneca reputation?


26.07.21  The Oxford/AstraZeneca jab, which was once going to save the world, is at risk of becoming a second-tier vaccine!!   Read article on Euro page

Brussels won’t let Brexit ruin it's holidays

Report on illegal immigrants from EU newspaper:

430 people reached Great Britain via the English Channel in one day!

21.07.21     read the translated article here.

New Shopping guide shows which UK supermarkets support British Farmers and producers.

NFU report an online supermarket sourcing guide has been launched so shoppers can find out who is backing British farming.  Check out our new UK support page


New British made Sports Car - Fun & Affordable!

It's called the Wells Vertige and looks like it's worth every penny. The first batch of just seven cars have all been sold to "friends and family" and should be delivered in spring 2022 - read article on car page

Le Pen's divorce letter to the Germans!

16.07.21  Marine Le Pen pledged to divorce from Germany if she comes to power in 2022 to focus on more strategic alliances with the UK and the USread full article on euro page

Weaponising humans against the EU?

14.07.21  Yet another country is weaponising asylum seekers in an effort to push back against the EU, and this time the story is almost unbelievable.  read full article.

A cultural time-bomb is already ticking in the EU 

THE NEW Cultural Iron Curtain within Europe is getting harder to ignore, as the Visegrád Group (V4) – at the forefront of the battle between conservative eastern Europe and liberal western Europe – has now united against migrant quotas. read full article

Europeans are losing faith in the EU!

5.07.21  Survey shows how ordinary Europeans are feeling and it is an eye opener.       read article.

Why Brussels went easy on Britain in its data deal

British business avoided a £1.6 billion cliff edge when London clinched a data agreement with the EU this week. But it was Brussels that bent over backwards to get the deal done.  Read article

Has Brexit been worthwhile?

26.06.21    The fifth anniversary of the Brexit referendum has been largely an exercise of confirmation bias. What struck us in particular are the repeated assertions in Germany and from the European Commission yesterday that Brexit hadn’t paid off.  Read full article

Years of negotiations were supposed to prevent

the bridges from being broken.

24.06.21- report from Austrian newspaper: Five years after the Brexit vote, the balance remains contradictory The camps have hardly changed since the 2016 Brexit referendum. But the mood in the economy - and in the parties - has changed!   Read full article on Europe page

How the Brexit referendum was spun and lost!

“If Brussels continue to think that the protocol is enough, they are in denial,”


15.06.21  Northern Ireland’s cross-community government lost its leaders on Monday, creating a period of grave political uncertainty as talks on how to implement the Brexit trade protocol hang in the balance.

Read Full article

10.06.21 - ARE SAUSAGE WARS coming? In the latest bizarre turn in the sorry saga of the botched Brexit deal, the Government is facing a fresh trade war with Brussels that could see British chilled meats banned from shops in Northern Ireland from next month. The EU is now threatening to prevent products such as sausages and mince produced in England, Scotland and Wales from being sold there. 3 min read

EU diplomats float emergency Brexit plan to restrict Ireland’s single market access!


LONDON — EU officials and diplomats are discussing an emergency plan to solve the impasse over the Brexit settlement in Northern Ireland by restricting Ireland’s access to the bloc’s single market for goods.

read full article on Europe page.

Is the UK truly open for business or are we tied to EU apron strings?

7.06.21 POST-BREXIT BRITAIN is almost becoming a tale of two countries. One expands its horizons beyond these shores while the other seems almost happily engaged in strategic shrinkage, continuing to bind itself into a club it apparently left.      On the one hand, the UK is on the verge of signing its first non-rollover trade deal with Australia for the week commencing June 14. On the other, it refuses to cut the EU apron strings!!   Read this great article from Brexit watch

EU tells UK...You saw it coming!!

6.06.21 Responding to Brexit Minister David Frost’s claims that UK was blindsided by customs issues, European politicians say NI protocol is ‘not the problem, it’s the solution.’ Read article

A Brit whom the EU actually like?

2.06.21  Amid the noisy fights between Brussels and London on everything from Northern Ireland to citizen detention, one minister is quietly trying to make nice with the EU.

Less often the source of bold, headline-grabbing statements than his political peers, Greg Hands' reputation for focusing on detailed aspects of policy has sometimes allowed him to cut around the media circus.

That also goes for his mission to repair tattered ties between the U.K. and remaining EU member countries in the wake of Brexit. - Read article on our Europe page.

Should we buy from our Aussie friends, or from the hostile EU?

Report from Fact4eu:   Why the UK-Australia trade deal makes sense for 'Poms and Cobbers' alike!      - A very interesting report from our colleagues at Facts4EU

Brexit may depend on what happens in Northern Ireland?

The EU tried hard during the Brexit negotiations to tie down the UK to permanently observing its own EU regulations. It failed then but is trying again in the context of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

read full article from Briefings for Britain


Britain's Trade imbalance with EU!

We have a trade imbalance with the EU, of over £100 billion!!   That means the EU sell us lots more of their products & services than we sell to them!!.This means less money in the UK!!


A little on the plus side... after selling goods and mainly financial services to the EU...the excess comes down, but we were still left with a deficit of over £72 billion! - €79 billion euros!


That is equivilent to every adult and child in the UK having an overdraft of over £1,000!!

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£36 Billion was what we imported in food last year from the EU!!!  


So we really need to reduce this amount But what can the ordinary person in the street do about this? ...we have little direct say in all that happens in our country and particularly Parliament!


Surely this amount of money would be better kept within the UK, creating jobs and wealth for our own nation? 

So, if you would like to help British businesses small & large... if it is not UK produced,

#leave it on the shelf  Just think, the population of the UK is 66 million people...if every person, who voted leave,diverted  £20 per week to UK produce, that would keep £348 million in the UK each week. Over a year...that would be billions kept in the UK!!  the EU imported food spend of £36 billion would be covered immediately!!

The deficit would soon come down...even faster if people bought UK produced cars!

Our Trade Deficit with the EU is

€79 Billion euros!!  (£72 billion)

That is equivilent to an overdraft of over £1,000 for every adult and child in the UK!!

£72 billion that could help create more jobs in Great Britain!


Money that would be better spent in the UK, rather than keeping Brussels burocrats in cosy jobs!

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 To have an effect on this deficit.....

WE can do the only thing that can possibly have an effect ...vote with our wallets.  The less we spend on EU food and drinks products the more that we divert our hard earned cash to our own food & drink producers.


Just think every purchase of UK products helps secure or create a local job. So leave EU goods on the supermarket shelves and maybe spend an extra £10 per week on UK goods.


Let us for example say that the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU decided to buy only British products to help this imbalance.  No French wines & cheeses or No Italian wines and cheeses?

 "But"...I like Camembert and Procecco, I hear you say

Well, Britain produces an equivilent, have a look for yourselves!   Camembert cheese and Procecco. 


Just think............... if these 17.4 million individuals spent their Family grocery shopping budget, buying purely British products, where possible, it could mean keeping over a £1 billion in the UK economy over the period of a year!!

Our trade in goods deficit with EU countries narrows!

May 21 - We believe the British shoppers are doing their bit in reducing the EU trade deficit by making a concious choice to buy British produce when out shopping.

Current Monthly trade deficit - May 21 was down to £4,285 million    - link for monthly chart

Fishing and UK  waters

There is a petition in parliament to ban super trawlers from UK waters.

Please help our fishing industry and conservation of our fish by signing the petiton:

Ban Supertrawlers from UK waters after leaving the EUs Common Fisheries Policy

     St Georges Day         

celebrate  23rd April each year !!

 St George's Day is the most important historical and cultural day of celebration for the English nation. By the way, it is also William Shakespere's birthday!

Read more about St George's day