Below is a chart showing the amount of wine that the UK imports from other will notice that we import from 13 EU countries and the amount of the spend.


The chart is in US dollars but gives you a good idea of how much money could be retained in the UK...even if we all simply changed 1 or 2 bottles of EU purchase for a UK produced wine!!


Not all supermarkets stock UK wines which is a terrible state of affairs, but probably because the EU support all their wine growers with grants.  Maybe next time you are in the supermarket it would be useful to ask why or email the buying department.

You like your wine, and perhaps have a favourite French or Italian tipple?
...but you can find an equally if not better wine from UK producers and help our country by buting British.
Here is a short guide to British wines.
British wines explained edit
the various Wine Styles

Two-thirds of the UK’s annual production is now sparkling. All English and Welsh sparkling wines are produced by the traditional (or bottle fermented) method – the same that produces Champagne. The majority of English sparkling wines are produced using the classic Champagne varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier). A number of wines are also produced using other varieties grown, which possess more neutral flavours that lend well to secondary fermentation and yeast lees ageing. The majority of sparkling wines are white, but rosé and even red are now produced.

The high quality of English and Welsh sparkling wines has earned them an international reputation, along with many awards and praise. With more acreage planted, higher volumes are eagerly anticipated, and an exciting future lies ahead.

Still white wine ranges in style from dry to medium and even dessert. The naturally crisp acidity and lower alcohols produced by our climate make a delicious and refreshing glassful. Many different grape varieties produce these styles, either as a single varietal or as a blend giving flavours that range from aromatic, to fresh and fruity; sometimes oak aged to give added complexity. Dessert wines produced in the UK are a delicate balance between luscious fruit, sweetness and cleansing acidity.

An increasingly popular style the world over, and England and Wales are no exception. Rosé wines from the UK are dry to off dry in style, and produced from a range of white and red grapes.

Our red wines are light, elegant and fruity in style due to the cooler growing conditions for our grapes. Red wines are produced using varieties such as Dornfelder or Rondo, but there are also some shining examples of red wines produced from the better-known Pinot Noir and even Gamay grapes.

There are so many good vineyards all over the UK, we have put a link here so you can find one near to your home area.