Current British Car manufacturers and cars made in British factories

  • Aston Martin (1913–present) more info on their    website
  • Bentley (1919–present)         more info on their    website
  • Jaguar (1935–present)          more info on their     website
  • Land Rover (1948–present)    more info on their   website
  • Lotus (1952–present)             more info on their    website
  • McLaren (1985–present)        more info on their    website
  • Mini (1959–present)                more info on their   website
  • Nissan UK (1984–present)     more info on their   website
  • Toyota UK (1992 - present)     more info on their   website
  • Vauxhall UK (1903 - present)   more info on their   website

Of course if none of the current production cars appeal to you, then maybe consider a classic car or a kit car to give you that feeling of driving something extra special? 


A UK produced kit car can be the ideal answer as you can have every type from an AC Cobra to a Ferrari. This link is to the A-Z of British manufacturers of kit cars. Find your favourite!

There is a wealth of information available for British made just need to look or google for it!


For cars, you can find good information at Make it British, they specialise in promoting British manufacturers or firms that make products in the UK. So now you have a choice when buying your next car and if it is EU can leave it in the showroom!

How the German & French car Makers get their profits from us!


Contrary to popular misconception, car SALES are not lucrative. However, After sales is a big market and very lucrative for the EU Car manufacturers.  Also, the leasing and insurance side is a big profit generator for them.


Comment from a reader about his experience.

"The last service at VW cost me the best part of £1,000. For a car, that is serviced regularly and hardly moved. It's a rip-off. Replacing the expensive sythentic oil after only 3.5K for £180 is extortionate. That was 5 years ago. Consequences? I no longer service the vehicle at VW. Rather, I have a local garage, not a franchise, a small business do the work. These guys are trained professionals who worked for dealerships before going it alone. When they source parts, I ask them specifically to source not from the dealership but from OEM (original equipment manufactures) or equivalent."


There is no better way to help your local UK community using owner-operated local businesses like this. I've have some professional exposure to the automotive industry. I really know where they make their money. If you want to hit the EU car makers. Hit their dealership networks, insurance, leasing, warranty and especially replacement parts business.


They can't survive on sales. They don't even make their money there. It's the "little extras" they offer. Especially PARTS and SERVICE.


Many British manufactured cars rely on parts from the EU...well until they can get these from other sources there is little that the British buyer can do, other than having the satisfaction that the purchase of a British manufactured car is keeping British workers in employment instead of keeping German & French workers in comfort!


So, for your next new car purchase, think about this? 


Secondhand EU cars do not pose such a challenge as generally the car is out of warranty and so servicing is by a local garage rather than the main dealer who supplied it in the first place! If you have bought a secondhand EU car, go to your local garage or at least an independent garage with non of the expensive mark up on servicing and car parts etc.


Need new tyres - or winter tyres for safer driving?


Whether you need tyres for the upcoming MOT...summer driving or even more important Winter driving, when the tyre compound is softer to ensure better road grip in winter weather.

You can find all tyre sizes on the easy to use website. Check it out.

Small Garage or DIY fan?


Frost offer an outstanding choice of Automotive Tools & Equipment for Custom Vehicles, Retro Cars, Classic Car and Bike Restorers, Competitors, and Craftsman. Including Paints & Coatings, Electroplating, Rust Treatments & Prevention, Detailing Products, Car Care & Polishing, Bodywork,

Need to rent a car or van?

At times we need a larger car..perhaps for a family and friends weekend or to help move the offspring to their new flat at college or university??   

Europ car have some great bargains on cars and vans!.