Current British Car manufacturers.

  • Aston Martin (1913–present)
  • Bentley (1919–present)
  • Jaguar (1935–present)
  • Land Rover (1948–present)
  • Lotus (1952–present)
  • McLaren (1985–present)
  • Mini (1959–present)
  • Nissan UK (1984–present)

 Of course if none of the current production cars appeal to you, then maybe consider a classic car or a kit car to give you that feelong of driving something special? 


A UK produced kit car can be the ideal answer as you can have every type from an AC Cobra to a Ferrari.

There is a wealth of information available for British just need to look or google for it!

For cars, you can find good information at Make it British, they specialise in promoting British manufacturers or firms that make products in the UK. So now you have a choice when buying your next car and if it is foreign can leave it in the showroom!

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Need to rent a car or van?

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