UK food - from fish & meat to veggie options

please send us info for any UK food produce you would like to see on the shelves.

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The UK has a phenominal range of foods available to the local buyer, but many supermarkets choose to buy more from the EU, than locally produced food.


Some of the arguments are that it is cheaper to buy from the EU!  Well, there might be instances where this is true, but what about the damage to the environment caused by the large articulated trucks roaring across or roads, not to mention the damage to the local road! This is also an additional hidden cost, when it comes to road repair..generally the local council, which in turn might need to increase council taxes to raise more funds.


So what are the choices for British foods?


Britain being an Island, the first foods that come to mind are from the sea. So many types of edible fish, shellfish and prawns etc.


Next look at our landscape, England's green and pleasant land. Filled with fields producing all sorts of oats and cereals, then there are the fruit farms producing all sorts of berries, apples, pears etc...and not forgetting the hops that make the world renowned real Ales!




Next look at our farming, we have some of the most ethical animal farms in Europe, beef, lamb, pigs and poultry. Also organic farming and the farmers themselves are a caring bunch when it comes to their animals welfare.

So, choose British produce as much as possible.