More pokes in the eye from the political class!

Posted on 21st October, 2019 drags on and on and on!! 


No matter what the leave voting public want, the politicians are doing their best to cancel the largest democratic vote ever in the UK.


I would really like to know what goes on inside their heads??  What is so difficult about keeping to a promise, unless of course they never intended to keep to the promise in ther first place!!


Something to always remember about Europe as compared to UK.  Take business for example or being self employed. In Europe you need permission to do the UK, you can do anything as long as it is NOT illegal. 


Take burdens on the UK, which is pretty small business friendly, the vat threshold is around £80,000 ( circa 90,000 euros!!)before the need to register...  but most vat levels in EU are 30,000 euros!! That is not far over the average wage!  What is the point of becoming self employed as an individual, if you have all the hassle of a large company??


And here is another thing to consider. In German speaking countries...the tax man is called the 'Steuer Polizei' which translates as Tax Police!!   Now that says it all for me!

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