Negative feelings about the British

Posted on 25th September, 2019

Why are Europeans now so negative about the British? What is the reason for this?


Readers might be interested in a Quora question from earlier in the year.


Because we’ve committed the heinous sin of looking at the proposed development from the European Union to a European Superstate and decided we don’t like the restrictions that go with it. God forbid that any state should do what its country voted for and go against the likes of Tusk, Juncker and Selmayr who will ride roughshod over anybody who stands up to them.

If the UK stays within the EU it will be required to change from Sterling to the Euro. Not a problem in itself except that it gives the EU power to control the economic decisions of all the countries that are in the Eurozone. That is not acceptable to the British people.

It means that rather than making decisions on immigration that are right for the UK it will have to make decisions that are right for the EU. That includes giving all EU citizens whether they contribute to the economy or not preferential treatment over non-EU immigrants no matter that they may provide much-needed expertise whilst the EU migrants may not.

It means that we cannot make deals which are good for the UK if the EU feels it is not good for them.

We trade more outside the EU than within it. That is growing. The EU is not a trading bloc it is a block to trading. The whole ethos of the EU is protectionism.

We have nothing against the 55 countries that form Europe. We have deep concerns about the 27 countries that are giving up their national status to become a superstate.



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