What UK food products can you find in Europe?

Posted on 1st August, 2019

I have worked over the past 30 years in quite a few European countries...Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria and the UK..well Devon to be precise!  I have visited most others, such as Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czechslovakia, luxembourg, Belgium.


What UK products have I found in supermarkets in all the years of travelling and working in Europe..not many!  Heinz Baked beans and the odd English cheddar, and Twinnings teas!!


How come we are told that with Brexit we will suffer horrendously??  Sorry..it seems to me that we buy all the EU produce and they allow the odd can of beans into the tourist resorts!!!


I would be really interested to know what products other travellers and workers have found on their journeys?



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