About us

We are situated in the west of England on south coast of Devon. A county very much affected by the fisheries & agricultural policies of Europe.

Here is a live webcam of our coastal town.


Although we believe in a united Europe and want to be friends with all our European neighbours, and to visit them for holidays,  we do not want to be part of the unaccountable EU organisation in Brussels, we want to be able to control the waters around our Island nation. Not for non-elected people in Brussels to decide what we can catch and eat or throw back into the oceans or the crazy policy of quotas hoppers, particularly the spanish !!


We do not want to be ruled by un-elected burocrats with no say over the laws of our own country.  Why is it always the British that adhere to the law and the Europeans break the rules all the time, or simply ignore the rules???


From my own experience, there was the time back in the 80's when the French set fire to lorries with live sheep in transit...they did not care that the animals suffered a horrific death, as long as they get their own point across...not very humane I say!


But all in all, people still wish to travel to Europe and enjoy the differences of another country's people and customs. It is one of the best ways to get to understand each other better. NO EU...just European Countries with all their wonderful individuality.


To this end we would always say to visit or spend your holidays in whatever part of Europe you enjoy, so as to meet local people, enjoy  their different cuisine, culture and enrich your knowledge of your fellow humans, but not the burocrats of Brussels!..


But when back in the UK, please buy only British products when you can, to help our small local businesses survive and thrive..


You might not think so, but your UK purchase supports a small British business, Family firm or self-employed and ensures they can better support their families!!


We welcome your comments or suggestions on helping promote British products, please use our blog page or Vistor comments page..


If you want to follow all the important delevopments about BREXIT here is the link to the Brexity Party


Here is the link to the PDF

'Contract with the People'

It lays out quite clearly the aims of the Brexit party for the UK after Brexit.