Buying British Products.


So............ how do I know what is British and what is EU produce?.


Generally EU exporters specialise in certain products such as Wine and the French and Italian exporters.  (German exports are more manufactured products, such as cars and household appliances)  Most products are stated as coming from or produced in the EU.


Most of our supermarkets put their wines on shelves that state the country.... ie: France, Italy, Spain etc.  Just look along the shelves and chose a wine that is not of EU origin..British is best but not all supermarkets stock UK if no UK choice, perhaps chose wines from Australia, South Africa, California USA..but do not forget, that the UK produce great wines!!


Read the not just grab a bottle of wine or a lump of cheese.....and remember over 80% of cheddar bought in UK comes from EU country Ireland!!  So look for the British flag on foods or where it has been produced.

When it comes to fruit and veg...again these are generally labelled with country of origin or EU produced, as in the case of some honey that is a mix from all over the EU!


The UK has great local foods...try some if you normally just buy what is in front of will be happily surprised at the taste and quality.  Remember products fro  the EU have had to travel thousands of miles to get to the UK supermarket shelves...and I wonder how much pollution that has caused just to have some Romanian potatoes on the shelves!!


Ask you local supermarket or shop to stock more UK produce and do your bit to keep money in the UK.