Leave it on the shelf!!

Help reduce the £79 Billion EU Deficit!!

Buy British produce and goods!

We have a €79 billion deficit trading with the EU !!!

We have a € 49 billion Trade surplus with NON - EU countries!!  Makes you think!!

Help our country, buy as much British produce as possible.

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also comments from the newspaper readers - which make for interesting reading!!

So green Brexit is actually a thing?


EU and UK struggle to overcome Brexit bad blood!

4th Feb 21

The EU and UK are learning to live as exes, but their new relationship is framed by mistrust and lingering resentment.


The late Friday night phone call between U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen centered on a theme familiar to many divorced couples still entangled by financial, legal and social obligations: What the hell have you done?

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Illustration - Ben Jennings for Politico

Perhaps some happy consequences of Brexit!

But after new U.K.-EU trade rules kicked in January 1, a dysfunctional New Year’s rollout of customs checks is driving unprecedented demand for alternatives that avoid the hassle of Britain


This could be a blessing in disguise, as there will be fewer EU trucks on UK roads, so less pollution, less road damage, fewer hold ups and possibly fewer accidents from the drivers of left hand drive trucks.

At Long last!

1st January 2021

We felt that there was enough main stream news and information about the agreed deal with the EU, so to keep the fun in the matter, we post this cartoon sent to us by a subscriber.

Hope you enjoy as much as we did?

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leave it on the shelf

Britain's Trade imbalance with EU!

We have a trade imbalance with the EU, of over £100 billion!!   That means the EU sell us lots more of their products & services than we sell to them!!.This means less money in the UK!!


A little on the plus side... after selling goods and mainly financial services to the EU...the excess comes down, but last year 2019 we were still left with a deficit of over £72 billion! - €79 billion euros!


£36 Billion was what we imported in food from the EU!!!   So we really need to reduce this amount But what can the ordinary person in the street do about this? ...we have little direct say in all that happens in our country and particularly Parliament!


Surely this amount of money would be better kept within the UK, creating jobs and wealth for our own people?  So, if you would like to help British businesses small & large... if it is not UK produced, #leave it on the shelf !  Just think, the population of the UK is 66 million people...if every person in the UK diverted  £10 per week to UK produce, say £500 per year...that is £33 billion kept in the UK!!  the food import spend of £36 billion would be covered immediately!! The deficit would soon come down...even faster if people bought UK produced cars!

Our Trade Deficit with the EU is

€79 Billion euros


£72 billion that could help create more jobs in Great Britain!


Money that would be better spent in the UK, than keeping Brussels burocrats in cosy jobs!

 WE can do the only thing that can possibly have an effect ...vote with our wallets.  The less we spend on EU food and drinks products the more that we divert our hard earned cash to our own food & drink producers.


Just think every purchase of UK products helps secure or create a local job. So leave EU goods on the supermarket shelves and maybe spend an extra £10 per week on UK goods.


Let us for example say that the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU decided to buy only British products to help this imbalance.  No French wines & cheeses or No Italian wines and cheeses?

 "But"...I like Camembert and Procecco, I hear you say

Well, Britain produces an equivilent, have a look for yourselves!   Camembert cheese and Procecco. 


Just think............... if these 17.4 million individuals spent their Family grocery shopping budget, buying purely Britsh products, where possible, it could mean keeping over a £1 billion in the UK economy over the period of a year!!


Now, with the Corona virus devastating the economy, It is even more important that we as a nation try and buy as much, Home produce and manufactured goods as possible. This will help keep jobs in the UK.  Have a look at the latest figures for our UK retail trades.



Here is the latest link for ONS for our National retail trade

Facts and figures from the House of Commons Statistics:

  • The EU, taken as a whole is the UK’s largest trading partner. In 2018, UK imports from the EU were £357 billion (53% of all UK imports)!
  • UK exports to the EU were £291 billion (45% of all UK exports).
  • The UK had an overall trade deficit of minus £72 billion with the EU in 2019. 
  • £36 billion being food imports!
  • The UK had a trade surplus of €49 billion with non-EU countries in rest of World.
  • The share of UK imports accounted for by the EU has now been at around 53% since 2014!
  • EU tariffs are generally low but are high on some goods, especially agricultural products.

Our trade in goods deficit with EU countries narrows!

Our imports from the EU reduced by £10.9 billion in the 3 months up to May 2020.  So taking into account our own export trade to the EU, it meant that we had reduced the actual deficit by £2 billion!!


We look forward to the latest yearly figures from the ONS when they are published as we believe the British are doing their bit in reducing the EU trade deficit by making a concious choice to buy Britsih when shopping.

Fishing and UK waters.

There is a petition in parliament to ban super trawlers from UK waters.

Please help our fishing industry and conservation of our fish by signing the petiton:

Ban Supertrawlers from UK waters after leaving the EUs Common Fisheries Policy